How to install a tile floor in kitchen

The quality of the surface beneath the tiles is crucial to the quality of the tile floor itself

Before you start installing a tile floor, you have to prepare the right set of tools and materials. Mix enough thinset mortar for the entire kitchen floor. Make sure you have enough tiles. Start by applying the thinset mortar onto the sub floor with a notched trowel. It will fill any voids between the sub floor and the backer boards. Next, after the entire section of the sub floor is covered, install the backer boards. Remember to fasten the boards with screws until the entire floor is covered with backer boards and completely bolted down.

The process of laying down the tiles

Plot out the tile pattern and spread the thinset over the backer boards. Lay down the tiles and remember to use spacers to ensure that the gaps between the tiles are uniform. Afterwards, finish the floor by filling the gaps with grout. Installing a tile floor in the kitchen is not complicated, but it is easy to make mistakes. Perhaps entrusting this task to professional tile installers in Naperville, IL is the right choice.



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