Make your house original with vinyl siding in Naperville, IL!

Why vinyl siding has such a bad rap?

Probably upon hearing “original house” and “vinyl siding” in one sentence, you’ll think something like “Oh, c’mon, original, are you kidding me? But siding is boring”. Nope, I kid you not and I’m going to prove that it’s possible to give your house an original look with vinyl siding installation in Naperville, IL. Let’s cover some basics which allows me to explain how to achieve such a fit. Vinyl siding is a relatively new building material – introduced in 1950s to substitute aluminum siding. Unfortunately original process of manufacturing made it difficult to obtain consistent, good quality product. That’s when vinyl siding got bad reputation (at the time well deserved) as a material prone to cracking, fading, buckling and sagging.

Endless siding options with vinyl

Constant development of manufacturing methods improved vinyl resistance to elements and fading. Ok, it still doesn’t explain where the originality may come from and why you want to look for siding contractors in Naperville but we are getting there. With improved technology vinyl siding is not only durable and low maintenance. Nowadays vinyl comes in myriad of colors and shades and can mimic other siding options like wood shingles or wood shakes. It is as well pliable which allows you to get exactly the neat, original look you want.



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